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The landscape of Rodrigues Island is a dramatic combination of mountains, valleys, lagoons and cave systems. A guided exploration of the Caverne Patate reveals playful rock formations that were created by tectonic plate movement. Above ground, the Franรงois Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve will acquaint you with the islandโ€™s rarest plants and most laid-back residents. Hike the central Mont Limon for majestic panoramic views or dive among intricate coral reefs. Get up early to visit Port Mathurin on market day, when the otherwise sleepy village springs to life.

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Full day tour: Rs 1,350 per person

Timings: 0830-1600hrs

Caverne Patate & South Port Mathurin & North Marie Reine de Rodrigues, Port Mathurin, Montagne Tonnerre & Montagne Limon

Car Rental

Small car: Rs 1,400 per day
2×4: Rs 1,700 per day

Ile aux Chats with BBQ

Rs 1,800 per person including lunch drinks and transport

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